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How to edit a form and keep previous data
How to edit a form and keep previous data

Export your form's data, create a new form with old data using import, then edit the original form for new submissions.

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If you want to use the same URL of your form for the new submissions, you can export your forms' data and import it again to create a form with old data(with a new URL to save the previous data), and edit your original form, and use it for new submissions.

1. Exporting form data

Before making any changes to your form, it's essential to export your existing data to ensure that no valuable information is lost in the process. This step allows you to preserve the integrity of your dataset while facilitating a smooth transition to the updated form.

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2. Creating a new form with old data

Once you've exported your form data, you can proceed to create a new form while retaining the previous submissions.

By utilizing the import function, you can seamlessly transfer the exported data to the new form, ensuring continuity and consistency in your data collection process.

3. Editing the original form

With the new form set up and populated with the existing data, you can now focus on editing the original form to accommodate any desired changes or updates.

Whether it's modifying form fields, adjusting settings, or refining the user experience, this step allows you to iterate on your form while preserving the historical data.

4. Using the updated form for new submissions

Once the original form has been edited to your satisfaction, it's ready to be deployed for new submissions.

Whether you choose to retain the same URL or opt for a new one, the updated form ensures that future submissions are captured seamlessly, while the historical data remains intact in the newly created form.

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