Form responses

View, analyze, and export your form data easily.

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How to view your form responsesView and analyze your Formaloo form responses in a table format. You can also view charts to visualize your data.
How to edit and delete responsesReview and update your form submissions! Edit individual responses or delete them directly from the Formaloo response table.
How to transfer data between two formsSet up and link Form1 and Form2, create hidden fields to capture data, and ensure matching field IDs.
How to download my form responses to an Excel fileExport your data to spreadsheets easily. Click 'Responses' for options: New export or Download latest.
How to add tracking code to formGo to Settings, and enable 'Show tracking code after form submission.' Each submission will generate a unique code for tracking.
How to filter data setsFilter responses: select the form/survey, go to its dashboard and results menu, and filter from "sort by", "filter" or "settings".
How to reset views and responsesDuplicate your form to reset views and responses and start fresh with ease.
How to print responses as PDF filesPrint or save responses as PDF, open the page > press command+P > print or save your page.