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How to transfer data between two forms
How to transfer data between two forms

Set up and link Form1 and Form2, create hidden fields to capture data, and ensure matching field IDs.

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Let’s say you have two forms: Form1 and Form2. You want to transfer data submitted in Form1 to Form2. The data should be saved in Form2. Let’s see how it works!

1. Set up your forms

The setup requires two forms. The original form (Form1) is where the data will be sourced from and the target form (Form2) is where the data will be passed to.

Here, a feedback survey will serve as the source and a newsletter subscription form will serve as the target.

The goal is to transfer the Email field value from the source (Form1) to the destination (Form2).

2. Create Hidden fields on Form2 to capture data

Edit your Form2 and create a hidden field for each data you want to capture and save from Form1 inside Form2.

hidden field

3. Set the same ID for fields in both forms

In order to make sure you’re saving the right data, set the “ID” property of each field in both forms.

Second form:

4. Set up sending data from one form to another

Edit Form1 and from the settings tab enable sending data to the redirect URL. Also, remember to put Form2’s URL address in the redirect URL of Form1. Saving these steps, your Form1 will redirect to Form2 and also it will send its data to Form2. Both your forms have the same field IDs. Therefore, Form1 data will be captured in the same field IDs as Form2.

You are now ready to pass data from one form to another form.

For more info and the tutorial video check this link:

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