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How to add URL parameters to the embedded form
How to add URL parameters to the embedded form

Populate your forms, add URL parameters to the embedded and shared forms.

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If you use the script to embed the form, you can set URL parameters to capture where the users came from.

Note: You can use URL parameters only for the Script embedding.

You should embed your form on your website and then, open the page that has the form embedded inside, and add URL parameters at the end of the page URL.

For example, if you want to share your website link on Facebook, you can share this link:

Where "source" is the ID of the field capturing value from the URL parameters. This way, you will know where the user who submitted the form came from.

But note that the URL parameters won't be filled automatically. You should set their value yourself. As in the above example, we set the source to Facebook, because we're sharing the link on Facebook. Likewise, you can change the URL to to know who submitted the form from LinkedIn.

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