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How to lookup the submitted data of another form
How to lookup the submitted data of another form

You can use the lookup field to send data to another form and pre-defined options or create new options inside the form.

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Generate relational forms by retrieving submitted data, allowing your audience to select from options.

Learn to look up submitted data from another form, useful for building multiple forms with shared options or creating new ones within the form.

Now let’s imagine you want to create a "student mental health check" form.

In your form, instead of prompting everyone to type down their names, you can look up the names from the "student performance evaluation form" and let people search and find their names.

Let’s see how!

1. Create your first form and fill it with some data

Create the form you want its submitted data to be used somewhere else.

Then submit some data into the form so you’d be able to test out the lookup.

2. Create the second form with a lookup field

Now it’s time to create your second form, which is the one that has the lookup field.

In our example, it’s the "Student mental health check form", in which you want to look up the students’ names from another form "Student performance evaluation form"( this question: Which student are you evaluating?).

Edit your second form and from the list of fields, drop the Lookup into the right place in the canvas.

In the properties of the field, select the form and the field inside it from which the data should be looked up.

You can also enable your audience to add new options into the lookup by just leaving the “Enable users to add new records to this field” option on. Otherwise, you can turn it off.

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