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How to view your form responses
How to view your form responses

View and analyze your Formaloo form responses in a table format. You can also view charts to visualize your data.

Updated over a week ago

To view your results and submitted data, go to the "Responses" page of your app, and there, you can see the result table.

If you have changed the form to one of your other forms, go to the settings and change the 'Data source' from the right-side menu (insert the form's name):

Add another page and select the "Chart" or "Kanban" view to see your responses in other views.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

There are two ways to view the form responses:

  1. Click your formaloo. This opens the app view of your formaloo, and the first page shows your form responses in a table view. The second page shows the charts of your form. You can also edit the app to add more views to showcase your form responses.

2. Right-click your formaloo and select View Responses. Then go to the Responses tab to view your responses table.

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