Field types

Explore different field types available in Formaloo to capture diverse data types effectively.

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How to add min and max selectable options in multi-choice questionsControl answer choices! Set minimum & maximum selections for multi-choice questions.
How to insert a list of options in the dropdown fieldManually add or bulk insert options, inserting one item per line in the dropdown field.
How to change the title of the Matrix fieldCustomize Matrix field titles in Design tab. Choose 'Customize more content' > 'Fields related'. Modify or delete text.
File upload limitationSet file upload limits in your form editor. Formaloo accepts files up to 100MB.
How to use score 0-10 fieldRate score from (0-10) for surveys, quizzes & NPS. Customize scale labels & set min/max scores.
How to show a logo on top of each page in multi-step formsDisplay your logo on every page of multi-step forms by adding it as a background or using a 'Content' field in single-step forms.
How to set the limitation of text field charactersSet character limits easily for text fields by adjusting maximum and minimum character counts from the right-side menu.
How to add 'Other option' to our questionsGive users more choices! Enable 'Other' option so users can write their answers.
How to add a signature to Formaloo formsAdd a signature field to Formaloo forms easily from the 'Edit' tab in the form editor. Ideal for contracts, quotes, and consent forms.
How to use the page break fieldUse page breaks to organize single-step forms with pagination. Group questions into sections for clarity and organization.
How to use a CSAT fieldCollect feedback with the CSAT field. Customize max rating. Add descriptions. Enable advanced description for more customization.
How to use the product fieldEasily sell products with the 'Product' field. Add names, descriptions, prices, images. Calculates total price. Connect to payment gateway.
How to use a video fieldAdd videos to forms for context or instructions. Supports YouTube, Vimeo links. Embed if website allows OEmbed.
How to create a custom dropdown of citiesImport cities from Excel, create lookup field in Formaloo. For few cities, manually add dropdown.
How to change the file size description on a formCustomize upload file size description on forms for clarity.
How to define a dynamic selectable date range in the date fieldDefine dynamic date ranges relative to the submit date in the date field for flexibility.
How to define a selectable date range in the date fieldDefine selectable date ranges in the date field, choosing between fixed or dynamic options for flexibility.
How to set a default value on the date fieldSet default values on date fields, choosing between fixed, dynamic, or none options for flexibility.
How to set a dynamic default value on the date fieldSet dynamic default values on date fields, based on submission date for automatic date generation.
How to add a description to CSAT fieldsCustomize CSAT field descriptions in edit tab or enable 'Advanced description' for detailed text customization.
How to add max and min value descriptions in the score fieldSet min and max score descriptions in edit tab for 0-10 score field, like 'Very dissatisfied' and 'Very satisfied'.
Form builder field typesHere, you can find all the features and field types in the form builder editor. Learn how to use and customize them in your form.
Setting tab optionsCustomize form settings. IP restriction, date, redirect URL, auto-save, timer, response limit, payment integration, and custom JavaScript.
Design tab optionsCustomize font, color, background, layout, and style. Choose multi-step/single-step format. Add CSS for advanced customization.
How to set customized validation on form fields (RegEx)Ensure data accuracy with custom validation rules. Use Regular Expressions (RegEx), control input format, character types, and quantity.
How to add an agreement checkbox and terms & conditions to your formAdd a Multi-choice" field with a single option and a section field for terms & conditions to your form. Make it required for compliance.
How to show the answer sheet after submitting the formEnable answer sheets & see user answers after form submission. Great for quizzes and self-assessments.
How to add images to your fieldsYou can add images to the advanced description of the fields in your form.
Mandate respondent input with Formaloo's required fields featureFormaloo's 'Required' fields ensure that respondents provide essential information for a complete and accurate form submission.