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Mandate respondent input with Formaloo's required fields feature
Mandate respondent input with Formaloo's required fields feature

Formaloo's 'Required' fields ensure that respondents provide essential information for a complete and accurate form submission.

Updated over a week ago

When a field is marked as 'Required,' respondents must enter a valid answer before submitting the form.

required field

This feature is crucial for ensuring that you collect the necessary data to achieve your objectives, whether it's gathering contact details, assessing customer satisfaction, or gathering feedback.

⭐ Pro tip:

When you create a single-step form with page breaks, and enable fields as required, the users can go to the next pages but they can not submit the form and when they hit the submit button, It goes back to the required fields to fill them out.

If you want users to answer each question and then proceed to the next, you should make the form multi-step and make the fields a required field. This way, they can not go to the next question unless they answer the required fields.

By using 'Required' fields, you can remove/filter incomplete or missing responses, ensuring that your forms and surveys deliver valuable insights.

This feature helps maintain data integrity and consistency, making your data collection process more efficient and effective.

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