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How to customize text field and long text field
How to customize text field and long text field

These simple fields help you capture short and lengthy responses, ensuring you get all the information you need.

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Open a new form, click on "Add field", and add a Text/Long text field to your form.

Text Field

A Text field is a simple input field where respondents can enter a brief piece of text, such as their name, email address, or a short answer to a question.

Long Text Field

A Long Text field is designed to accommodate longer responses, such as comments, feedback, or essay-style answers. It provides respondents with more space to express their thoughts and ideas.

Settings options

Add a description to your survey

You can add a short description to the field to provide context or instructions for respondents. In this section, you can customize the text and add images or links.

Set maximum characters

You can set a maximum number of characters that respondents can enter in the field, ensuring that responses stay concise and relevant.

Identify a default value for your text field

For the "Text field", you can specify a default value that will be automatically populated in the field for each respondent, saving them time and effort.

Make this field Admin-only

Hide the field from respondents and keep sensitive data private from respondents.

Mandate respondent input

You can make the field mandatory by checking the "Required" box. This ensures that respondents must provide an answer before submitting the form.

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