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How to show a logo on top of each page in multi-step forms
How to show a logo on top of each page in multi-step forms

Display your logo on every page of multi-step forms by adding it as a background or using a 'Content' field in single-step forms.

Updated over a week ago

There are two primary methods to display a logo on top of each page in multi-step forms, offering flexibility and customization options to suit your branding needs.

1- Use a background image with your logo

In multi-step forms, one method to display a logo on top of each page is by incorporating it into the background image of the form.

This approach offers a seamless branding solution that ensures the logo is consistently visible throughout the form-filling process.

This image can be uploaded and configured within the form editor, allowing you to customize its placement and alignment according to your preferences. As respondents progress through each step, the logo remains prominently displayed, reinforcing brand recognition and providing a professional touch to the form interface.

2- Utilize pagination and content fields

Alternatively, you can opt to build a single-step form with pagination, achieved by incorporating the "New page" addition.

add new page

Within each page, you have the flexibility to add a "Content" field positioned at the top, where you can insert the logo directly.

In this approach, the form is structured as a series of individual pages, each containing specific form fields or sections.

By strategically placing a "Content" field at the beginning of each page, you can insert the logo as desired. This method allows for greater control over the placement and formatting of the logo, ensuring it stands out prominently at the top of each page.

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