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Form logic & calculations
Form logic & calculations

Provide the full potential of your forms by incorporating logic and calculations for dynamic user experiences.

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What is Logic & CalculationsCustomize app/form behavior with conditions, logic jumps, and criteria. Includes rules, conditions, actions, and default logic options.
How to add logic to multi-step formsUse logic to skip questions based on user answers. The 'Jump' option operates similarly to the 'Show/Hide' option in single-step forms.
How to add logic to single-step formsUse logic to show or hide questions based on user responses, creating a dynamic and streamlined form experience.
Add basic conditional logic to your formDefine how your form behaves by adding conditional logic.
How to add advanced logic to your formUse Advanced Logic for complex logic. For clarity, you can adjust conditions and add rules.
Calculate variables in your formCalculate scores, totals, and recommendations based on user input. Use variables, logic, and answer piping to personalize results.
How to use logic and variablesUse logic to assign variable values in forms. Variables serve as placeholders for underlying computed data.
Create multiple success pagesCreate different success messages based on user answers. Use logic to redirect users to the perfect ending for their form journey.
Redirect your users to different URLsSend users to specific URLs after form submission! Use logic to personalize their experience.
Logic & calculation basicsUnderstanding logic basics: simple edits, advanced for complex cross-field and multi-conditional rules.
How to use show/hide logic for multi-choice questionsFor multi-step forms, use "Jump to" logic to show/hide questions based on previous answers. Add conditions for each option.
Why is the calculated price rounded upVariables lacking decimal support round up final prices. Opt for decimal-compatible variable types for accurate pricing.
How to redirect my users to different pages (URLs)Send users to specific URLs after form submission. Constant redirection for a single destination, conditional redirection by using logic.
Logic on single-step forms with page breaksFor logic in single-step forms with page breaks, use info from the current page only. This prevents blank pages and keeps user flow smooth.
Why some of the users can't submit my form?Users unable to submit forms likely due to incorrect logic settings. Review each question's logic for accuracy to resolve submission issues.
Why show/hide logic doesn't work as expectedShow/hide logic auto-manages visibility for next questions. Use conditions for each desired show action.
How can I show different videos based on users' answersDisplay videos based on user answers: Use single-choice questions. Add video fields. Set logic to show related videos for each option.
My form doesn't redirect to the payment page after submittingEnsure only one field submits. Add final price section. Change "Submit form" logic to jump to last content field for redirection to payment.
How to redirect to the product fields based on users' answers
How to show/hide more than one field in the form based on previous answersUse logic settings to show fields based on options chosen. For each option, add relevant fields to display.
Estimate form with calculationStep-by-step guide on creating estimate forms with Logic & Payment.
How to calculate the additional price in your order formCalculate additional prices in order forms. Set logic for packaging options and use answer piping to display the total price.
How to create a personality quizEasy guide on how to create a personality quiz using logic & calculations
Redirect logic for single-choice questionsHow to use logic for yes/no answers or single-choice fields properly.
How to sum multiple Score 0-10 fields to get a totalYou can calculate the total score and use answer piping to show the final score.
How to calculate percentages in a variable FieldYou can calculate a percentage in a variable field using the Formula type.
How to add score to your quizYou can add score to each question and show the total score in the success page after submission.
How to auto-grade your quizzesGuide to grading quizzes: Add a variable field, set logic for different grades, and use answer piping to show grades on the success page.