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How to calculate the price in the form
How to calculate the price in the form

Calculate product prices, add shipping fees, and display the total amount before users pay. Easy setup, secure transactions.

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By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to create a customized order form that suits your specific needs in no time!

1. Create a form and customize it
Sign in to your Formaloo account and click on “Create a blank form” to start building your form, or use one of our 200+ Templates.

2. Add product fields

You can add products to your online order forms or any form for selling items using the “Product” field, which is a useful tool.

3. Additional pricing options

Here, you have the flexibility to add extra amounts to your order. For example, you need to include additional costs such as packaging or shipping fees. So you can add a single choice field, and add your options. Then with the logic you can add these prices to the product price that your client has already chosen.

4. Add logic for calculating the total price

Now it’s time to calculate the total price using the logic, where you can also connect and add additional prices to the product fields’ prices.

On the top of your page, click on the “Logic” tab, and from the left menu, select “Advanced logic“.

5. Pipe the total price and show it to the user

It is a good idea to show the total price to the users at the end of your form, so the customers can see the calculation of their order before redirecting to the payment gateway.

To pipe the total price on your form, You should add a “Section” field and write inside the description part like this:

Total price: {{price}}

6. Connect your payment gateway to your online order form

After you make your form, It’s time to connect it to your payment gateways to redirect customers to them. So by linking the form to a payment gateway, customers can make purchases quickly and securely. From the settings tab you can enable the “Form with payment” option and select your payment method to connect your payment method to your online form.

For more info and the tutorial video check this link:

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