Notification tab options
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Here you can see all the options of the notification tab and how to use them on your editor;

  • Send submitted data to the submitter: Enable this option to send a copy of the submitted data to the user who filled out the form. This can be useful for providing users with a record of their submission, or for confirming that their submission was received successfully. To use this feature, you should add an email field in your form.

  • Email template: you can select an email template to send it to the submitters. Formaloo has a default email template, but you can also create custom email templates.

  • Send me a notification email for each response: Get notified when someone responds. To receive an email every time the form gets a new response, turn on the toggle, and enter your email address. Also, you can send custom emails to your form submitters.

  • Forward to: You can add up to 5 email addresses in the Forward to section to send a copy of this email. You should select the email template from the next dropdown field if you want to use your custom email template.

Note: You should add a space after each "forward to" email to save it.

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