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How to send custom email templates
How to send custom email templates

Create custom email templates to notify submitters & team on form submissions. Personalize emails with form data.

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By setting up custom email templates, you can customize the emails sent to you, your team, and your form submitters.

1. Create a new email template

Open your dashboard and click your profile icon. Then open the Email Templates page. Enable the email templates option, and create your first template.

When you click on "Create Template", you'll see a default email template start with. Feel free to customize it and change any part you want.

Each email template has the following fields:

  • Template name: This would make it easier to find the template when assigning it on the forms' notification settings.

  • From name: Who is this email sent from? You can include your or your company's name here.

  • Email subject: Write the subject of the email here.

  • Reply-to email: When the user wants to reply to the email, which email address should it be addressed to? You can make it one of the supported fields on your form. This only works when you have set up your custom SMTP. Check the last section of this article to learn more about custom SMTP.

  • Email content: Use this part to customize your email's body. Add images and links, change the font style and size, etc.

2. Customize the emails using your form's data

You can pipe and show the values of your form's data into your email template. This way, when someone submits the form, they'll receive a personalized email with their own submitted data.

For example, let's say the 2nd field on your form is asking for the user's name. In the custom email, you can write: Hi, {{field_2_value}}. This way, if the user enters "Jane" as their name in the second field, they'll receive an email that says "Hi Jane!".

To see how you can pipe your form's data, read the following article:

3. Assign the created email templates to your form

You can choose which email template to use for notifying your team or the form submitters by setting it in the Notifications tab of your formaloo editor.

Pro tip: Customize SMTP settings

To send emails from your custom email address, you should set up your SMTP settings. For this, you need a working SMTP server for your emails.

Open your dashboard and click your profile icon. Then open the Email Templates page. From the right side of the page, click the SMTP Settings button. There, you can enter your SMTP server info.

Having your custom SMTP, you can change the Reply-to email address field to send the notification emails from your custom email address.

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