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How to email a copy of the responses to myself and my team
How to email a copy of the responses to myself and my team

Set up email alerts with custom templates to notify yourself & your team on new submissions in Formaloo.

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The ability to get emails for each new form submission is known as email notifications. You can even choose which email templates to send to your team members.

1. Create email templates

Open your Formaloo dashboard, then open one of your forms, click on Edit base, and head to the Notify tab. Turn on both options if you'd like to. Click on Email template, scroll down and Add a new template.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

To start, open your Formaloo dashboard, click on your profile icon, and go to the email templates page. When you open this page for the first time, you should enable custom emails using the top toggle button.

2. Customize your email templates

You need to create a new email template. Choose a name for it, select a subject, and change the body of your email as you wish.

You can add more customization by using the available custom variables in your forms. These variables can be used in the email body, email subject, and sender data (name and email).

Learn more about "Form related variables"

While each of these can use static values, using the templates can help you create a better and more handy email for both the form admins and the users.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

3. Use the email templates in forms

By editing each of your formaloos and going to the “Notifications” tab, you can select which email template to use for notifying you and your team.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

⭐ Pro tip:

Set SMTP and your custom sender address

Add a unique sender email address if you want to do this. Your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) connections are all that are required to make it happen.

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