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Create forms on your ClickUp dashboard
Create forms on your ClickUp dashboard

Embed Formaloo forms into ClickUp in 3 simple steps. Organize tasks seamlessly with your customized project management dashboard.

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How to embed Formaloo forms into a ClickUp project

Here are the three steps to embed your forms from Formaloo to your ClickUp project management:

1- Create your project management page on ClickUp

You can create your customized page or use ClickUp project management templates to organize your team and tasks.

2- Copy your form URL to embed on ClickUp

To copy your form’s URL, in your dashboard, right-click your formaloo and choose the View option. It opens your form, and you can copy the form’s URL from the address bar.

You also can import Google Sheets to formaloo forms and embed them on the ClickUp dashboard. Furthermore, you can sync your form with Google Sheets.

3- Create a custom embed on your project management dashboard

Now, go to your project management dashboard on ClickUp, and follow these steps to start the ClickUp form embed:

  • Click on the “+Add widget” button from the top right side.

  • Click on the “Embed” button and choose “Custom Embed“. Then, paste your form’s URL.

  • Now you can see your form on your project manager dashboard. You can repeat these steps to add more widgets to your dashboard.

That’s It! so easy and fast that your formaloos are on your ClickUp dashboard.

how to embed a form in clickup

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