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Create a form on project management tool
Create a form on project management tool

Embed Formaloo forms into Monday boards with this comprehensive guide. Copy form URL, add embed widget, and centralize your data.

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Create your form on Monday project management: The complete guide to embedding forms

Following this guide, embedding Formaloo forms into your Monday dashboards will be a breeze.

Whether you need to gather employee information, solicit customer feedback, or register attendees for workshops, this integration will allow you to centralize your data in one place without wasting time.

Step1: Open your Monday board

Login to your Monday workspace and access the projects or the boards where you want to embed a form.

To create a new Monday account, sign up and get started.

Step2: Copy your form’s URL

In your Formaloo dashboard, right-click your formaloo and choose View. Then copy the form’s URL.

You can also copy it while saving your custom formaloo.

If you have no Formaloo account yet, Sign up for free and build your first formaloo! Start with a form template from the hundreds of ready-to-customize form templates.

Step3: Add the embed widget on your Monday board

  • In the Files Gallery view, click on the “+Add Widget” button.

  • Select “More Widgets” on the drop-down menu.

  • From the Media category, select “Embed everything“. A search field is also an option.

Step4: Create your form in your Monday board by embedding it

You can click “Add a site” and paste your formaloo’s URL in the embed widget.

It is possible to edit the size and name of your widget to make it more visible and efficient.

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