Embed a form on Squarespace

Integrate advanced forms into your Squarespace site. Embed with URL or iframe for dynamic engagement and seamless data collection.

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Step-by-step guide to embed the form on your Squarespace website:

1. Build your advanced form

It’s easy to build an advanced form using Formaloo. Start from scratch or use one of the ready-to-customize templates. You can use Formaloo Logic to create conditional logic and calculations on your forms. Check out the following video to learn more about the possibilities you have with Formaloo Logic!

You can create engaging and dynamic quizzes, live polls, and chatbots with Formaloo.

2. Embed the form on your Squarespace website

You can easily embed your advanced form into your Squarespace website. Formaloo allows you to use script and iframe code to embed your form into Squarespace. Copy and paste your form’s URL or iframe code to embed your form on Squarespace.

To embed your form on your website, in your dashboard, right-click on its formaloo and select “View code and widgets”. There you have different embedding options like iframe, script, and widget. Select one and click on the “Get code” button.

Embed form on your Squarespace website

To put the URL into your website or blog on Squarespace web maker, start editing and add a new block. Then choose the “EMBED BLOCK” option and paste your formaloo’s URL.

embed forms to Squarespace website builder free

Also, you can embed your form’s iframe code to appear on your website.

3. Customize the form’s position to increase engagement

You can change the size of your form block and move its position on the page to customize how your Squarespace page looks and ensure the form is more visible to the users.

Also, you can switch your form’s look into widgets and chatbots for better engagement. Widgets are pop-up forms that allow you to grow your email list, get more leads, and increase sales.

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