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Create a WordPress form to improve conversion
Create a WordPress form to improve conversion

Boost your WordPress site's conversion with custom forms. Install the Formaloo plugin, and create and embed forms for higher engagement.

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How to embed custom forms in WordPress

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to create forms in your WordPress pages and posts.

1- Install the Formaloo WordPress form builder plugin

Start with downloading and installing Formaloo’s free WordPress form builder plugin. After installing it, you will see all your dashboard forms and can create new formaloos on your WordPress plugin page.

2- Create your formaloo

Create your custom form from scratch, or start by editing one of the adaptable form templates. Use the drag-and-drop fields to customize your form.

You can also add advanced conditional logic to your forms and do calculations based on the user’s response.

3- Add your form to a WordPress post or page

After saving your formaloo, get back to the dashboard and right-click your formaloo on your dashboard. Click on “View Code & Widgets”. Select “Iframe” to embed on a web page, then get the code and copy it.

Add your form to a WordPress post or page

4- Embed the code in your WordPress page

On your WordPress page, add a “Custom HTML” block and paste your formaloo code.

Your form will be displayed on your website once you publish the page.

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