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How to create forms in Notion
How to create forms in Notion
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Step-by-Step Guide: Embedding your form into Notion Pages:

Step1: Create your Notion page

Customize your Notion experience by creating a personalized page or deck tailored to your specific goals. On the other hand, select from a variety of pre-made templates to get started quickly.

Step2: Copy the formaloo URL to embed

To copy your form URL, first, open your Formaloo dashboard. Open your form in preview by right-clicking on it and selecting the “View” option. Then copy your form’s URL.

You can also copy the link after saving the changes you made to your form.

Step3: Embed your form into your Notion page

To add a Formaloo form to your Notion document, open the document where you wish to place it. There are two simple methods for embedding the form:

  1. Directly paste the form’s URL where you want it to appear, and click “Create Embed.”

  2. Create an embed block by typing “/embed” and then paste your link.

Either way, the form will be seamlessly integrated into your Notion page, allowing users with access to fill it out without having to switch to a different tab.

Your users can immediately respond to your formaloo in Notion.

Embedding Formaloo forms in Notion

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