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Create Webflow forms with logic and payment
Create Webflow forms with logic and payment
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Embed your custom-made forms on Webflow: The ultimate guide

It only takes a few steps to make it easy for your user to submit data directly from your website.

Step1: Copy the script code from your formaloo

  • Open your dashboard to see your custom formaloo.

  • Click on the three dots in the bottom right corner of your form in your dashboard.

  • Select “View Code & Widgets”

  • Click on Script and copy the code.

Copy the code of your custom form

Step2: Add an embed field in your Webflow page

To embed your form into your Webflow site, select the “Embed” field from the advanced fields in your Webflow dashboard.

Step3: Paste the script code in the embed field

In the pop-up window, “HTML embed code editor,” paste the script code of your formlaoo. Then, click the “Save and Close” button to save your changes.

Embed custom forms on Webflow

Step4: Publish your page to view the form on your website

To check your form, publish the page on a test environment. Your Webflow form is now ready, thanks to Formaloo no-code form builder.

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