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Create forms in Airtable base
Create forms in Airtable base

Embed Formaloo forms into your Airtable base. Customize and share forms seamlessly for efficient data collection.

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Embed your form into your Airtable base

1- To add your form to Airtable, open your Airtable base page and click on the “+Add an extension” button

You can add more forms and embed them to bring your customized forms to your Airtable dashboard and share it to use easily.

2- Search for “Embed” and click on it to embed forms to Airtable;

choose the “add extensions” button to paste your formaloo’s logic form URL. In this example, we use a multi-step quiz form with logic form from templates.

3- Now, you can see your form on your Airtable base

You can see your base page preview if you click the “Share” button and enable the shared base link.

You can add more forms by adding more extensions.

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