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How to edit and view forms & responses in the new dashboard
How to edit and view forms & responses in the new dashboard

Create new forms, edit existing ones, and view responses. Learn how to navigate the new interface.

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Go to the dashboard and create a blank app, Open your dashboard and click on “+New formaloo“.

There, you have options to create your survey and forms.

Choose Form or Survey: Select whether you want to create a form or a survey. FormLoo offers various options for creating different types of forms.

If you choose to create a survey, FormLoo will automatically generate a default survey with a results page and charts. You can customize this survey later.

Once the form or survey is created, you can click on 'Edit base' to open the default template. Here, you can edit the questions, add new ones, or customize the design according to your preferences.

If you want to edit/view the form that was created before, add a page to your app and search for the form's name.

From "edit base", you can edit and customize it.

You can also add a page and create a new form inside your app and edit/view it later.

How to see results and responses

To view your results and submitted data, go to the result page of your app, and there, you can see the result table.

If you have changed the form to one of your other forms, go to the settings and change the 'Data source' from the right-side menu (insert the form's name):

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