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How to remove Formaloo branding
How to remove Formaloo branding

To have fully white-label branding on Formaloo, you can remove our branding and add your own.

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With Formaloo, you have 3 white-labeling solutions. These are:

1 - Setting custom domains on forms and apps;

2 - Customizing emails to remove Formaloo's branding;

3 - Fully customizing the dashboard (available for enterprises).

Let's discuss them separately.

1 - Setting up a custom domain

A custom domain is a unique web address that you can personalize to represent your brand or organization. It replaces the generic domain provided by hosting services with a domain that reflects your brand identity, such as

Custom domains are commonly used for websites, email addresses, and other online services to enhance brand recognition and credibility.

To set up a custom domain with Formaloo:

  1. Add a CNAME record for your domain/subdomain pointing to forms or apps;

  2. Ensure CNAME changes propagate, which may take up to 24 hours;

  3. Set the custom domain in Formaloo's Workspace Settings (custom domain will automatically change for all formaloos) or individually for each formaloo/app.

    Setting up custom domain for forms

Setting up custom domain for workspace

📝 Additional Insights: Please check our tutorial on how to set up custom domain on apps and for forms.

2 - Customizing emails to remove Formaloo's branding

By using custom email templates, you can ensure that all emails sent from your platform maintain a consistent brand identity. This includes the use of your logo, brand colors, and tone of voice.

With Formaloo you can fully customize the email templates! You have 2 options to do so, either create one from the dashboard or the form editor.

If you want to set it up from the dashboard, you should go to your dashboard, then click on your profile icon, open integrations, and choose email from apps. From there, you can click on "+ Add New Template" and it will open a window from where you can customize your email template.

Or for the second option, you will have to go to the editor of the specific app. Then click on Notify tab, click on Email Template, and then on + Add new templates.

You also have the option to pipe information submitted through into your email template. Therefore, when a user submits the form, they will receive an email personalized with their specific submitted data.

To see how you can pipe your form's data, read the following article: "How to use form fields in custom email templates".

📝 Additional Insights: Please check our tutorial on how to send custom email templates for a more detailed explanation.

3 - Fully customizing the dashboard (available for enterprises)

With Formaloo's enterprise-level plan, you can fully customize your dashboard. You can visit Formaloo's pricing page for more information about the plans and their features.

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