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How to email a copy of responses to the form submitter
How to email a copy of responses to the form submitter

Email a copy of their responses to submitters. Create custom email templates and personalize them with details from the form.

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Formaloo’s autoresponder helps you automate your workflow by sending an automatic response email to your form respondents.

When you create a new form and enable the email notification, the form will automatically send an email notification.

These emails will be basic templates that will automatically update based on adding or removing fields from your form. By setting up custom notification emails, you can customize email messages and email styles for notifications.

Follow the steps below:

1. Create email templates

To start, open your Formaloo dashboard, click on your profile icon, and go to the email templates page. When you open this page for the first time, you should enable the custom emails from the top toggle button.

2. Customize your email templates

From the Email Templates page, you can see the default template of Formaloo and change any part you want.

You can add more customization by using the available custom variables in your forms. These variables can be used in the email body, email subject, and sender data (name and email).

📝 Additional insights:

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3. Use the email templates in forms

By editing each of your formaloos and going to the “Notifications” tab, you can select which email template to use for notifying the submitters.

⭐ Pro tip:

Set SMTP and your custom sender address

Add a unique sender email address if you want to do this. Your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) connections are all that are required to make it happen.

In order to add a custom sender email you need to click on your profile and go to the “Email templates“ and from the right side, select the “SMTP Settings” button.

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