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Add basic conditional logic to your form
Add basic conditional logic to your form

Define how your form behaves by adding conditional logic.

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Logic enables you to change the survey's behavior or adjust its content according to the responses provided by participants.

Basic conditional logic can be:

If the answer is X -> show the question 1

If the answer is Y -> show the question 2

Setting it up is super simple!

Go to the dashboard and pick the desired form/survey. To edit it, click on edit base. From there you can start adding the content.

To open logic settings, click on the question you'd like to apply conditions to, and the sidebar with "Edit" and "Logic" tab will open up. Click on Logic.

Let's imagine you're holding an event and need to get data about the food preferences of the attendees. You want to find out whether they have any dietary restrictions or preferred menu items.

You would have 3 questions:

#1 - Do you have any dietary restrictions? [Yes/No field]

#2 - What are your dietary restrictions? [Multiple choice field]

#3 - Do you prefer sweet or savory snacks? [Single choice field]

For logic to work, you will need to add a rule for every question.

It's time to add a rule to question #1 - so that if the answer is Yes, it will take them to question #2, If the answer is No, then to #3.

Click on the #1 question and from the logic tab, click on "+ Add Rule".

Logic should be set the following way: If the answer to #1 is yes, then jump to #2. Otherwise, jump to #3.

For questions #2 and #3 set logic to Always submit. This will ensure that after answering question #1 and being redirected to questions #2 and #3 accordingly, they will proceed to submit the form.

📝 Additional insights:

While with basic conditions you can set logic to particular questions, with Formaloo's advance logic, you can also set up more complex rules and conditions for the entire survey/form.

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