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How to add logic to single-step forms

Use logic to show or hide questions based on user responses, creating a dynamic and streamlined form experience.

Updated over a week ago

In single-step forms, all questions are visible on the same page.

Even if you use the +New page button in your single-step form, your form follows the default functionalities of the single-step forms.

add new page

So when using conditional logic, you can show and hide questions based on the user's answers.

You can create multiple conditional rules to show a specific question if the user selects an option and hide it if the user unchecks it.

For example, you have a form with 5 fields: Name, Single choice question, Email, CSAT, and City field.

And you want to show/hide the next fields based on the single-choice options:

If the answer is Option 1, show the Email field,

and If the answer is Option 2, show CSAT

single step form

You should use this logic:

show hide logic

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