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How to share a form's data

Choose method: Teammates, guests (view only), public app, membership app, email alerts, or automate with Webhooks/API.

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There are many ways to share a form's collected data. Read on to find which way suits your use case best.

Share with guest users

You can share your formaloo with guest users. Guests should log in to Formaloo to be able to view the shared form's data.

It's also good to know that you can't share edit access with guest users.

Share with team members

You can share your team's access to your form data. Add them to your workspace members and then share the form's access with them.

You have the option to share edit access with your workspace team members.

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Share with external users

You can share your form's data with external users who aren't Formaloo users. To do so, you should create an app and share its public link with your audience.

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Share with external users who have signed up for your app

You can build a membership portal where your audience can sign up and log in to access the pages in your app.

Email notifications

You can send an email to your team whenever someone submits your form.

Also, you can customize this email to provide extra information about the form submission and how your team can approach it.

Custom Automation

You can automate your workflow by connecting your form to third-party apps. There are various ways to do it:

Use the direct integrations that Formaloo provides

Formaloo provides direct integrations to tools like Google Sheets and Slack, enabling you to use the submitted data in another application.

Use the form's webhook

Each form can have multiple webhooks. Webhook is a simple way your online accounts can "speak" to each other and get notified automatically when something new happens.

For example, you can set a webhook to notify a specific URL when your form is submitted or when a data row is updated.

๐Ÿ“ Additional insights:

Use the Formaloo API

Formaloo provides an API you can use to get your forms' data and use it in any application.

Use a workflow automation tool

Formaloo integrates with many workflow automation tools, including, but not limited to, Zapier, Make, and Integrately.

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