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How to publish an app and share the app's URL
How to publish an app and share the app's URL

Publish and share your Formaloo app. Enable 'Public view' and find the URL in 'Public Address'. Customize your form's public URL too.

Updated over a week ago

To access and then share your app's URL address, you need to go to the specific app you wish to share.

Then select the settings icon. This will open the option to allow "Public view".

Turn on the "Public view". This will enable you to access the public URL and share it. The link is available in the field "Public Address".

You can also change the ending of your app's URL from the public address, which will automatically be saved.

📝 Additional insights:

If you want to share your form's URL too, here you can see how to do this:

🗄️ Old dashboard:

To publish your app, and share it with your audience outside your organization in the old dashboard, follow the following steps:

First, open it by clicking your formaloo. Then from the left sidebar, select App Settings.

In the pop-up that opens, enable the public URL of the app. Then save changes and open the app URL.

You can also customize the ending of your app's public URL.

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