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Create your first formaloo
Create your first formaloo
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Every formaloo you create in your dashboard is a fresh canvas where you can add whatever fields you want. Follow these steps to create your first one 🚀

Create a new formaloo

To create a new formaloo in your dashboard, open the folder you want to create it in, and then select the + button.

A brand new formaloo will open, ready for adding new fields and settings.

  • Give your formaloo a title.

Create a new formaloo

Customize your formaloo description

The formaloo description helps your users understand what this formaloo is about. It also shows up on your formaloo's form view.

Start with the fields

On the left, you see the list of available field types. There are various field types like text, email, number, dropdown, and so many more.

  • Drag a field and drop it into the right canvas below the description section.

Add a new field to your formaloo

When a field is selected on the right menu, you can see its properties on the left menu. A field's properties allow you to change its settings, like setting a default value for it.

  • To get back to the fields list, on the left menu, scroll up, and select the "ADD FIELD" tab.

When you're done with building your formaloo, click the Save button at the top right. It saves your changes and pops a window to view your formaloo form.

  • Click View to open the form view of what you have created.

  • Click Use in website to open the embedding options of your form.

  • Click Settings to change the settings of your form.

Read on to see how you can customize your form.

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