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How to create a compensation survey
How to create a compensation survey

Build a strong compensation satisfaction survey with our guide. Improve insights and strengthen organizational competitiveness.

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A compensation satisfaction survey is a powerful tool to gather insights into employees' perceptions and HR departments to make informed decisions about salary structures, bonuses, and other employee benefits.

It helps organizations remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent.

Here, we'll walk you through the process of creating a compensation survey from scratch using Formaloo.

🧩 Template:

Organizations use an employee performance evaluation survey as a document to evaluate an employee's performance during a predetermined time. Managers and supervisors can use the form as a feedback tool to learn more about how their staff members are doing and to pinpoint areas where they can improve.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Open your dashboard and create a blank survey

Add your questions and use different field types to gather specific information;

To make your survey from scratch click “New Formaloo”.

There, you have options to create your survey and forms.

Choose 'Form' or 'Survey', whether you want to create a form or a survey. FormLoo offers various options for creating different types of forms.

If you choose to create a survey, FormLoo will automatically generate a default survey with a results page and charts. You can customize this survey later.

Once the form or survey is created, you can click on 'Edit base' to open the default template.

Here, you can edit the questions, add new ones, or customize the design according to your preferences.

Score 0-10 field

In the survey, use the "Score" field for questions like "On a scale of 0 to 10, how satisfied are you with your overall compensation package (salary, benefits, bonuses, etc.)?"

This lets respondents easily rate their satisfaction and provides a clear numerical measure for comprehensive analysis.

You can customize the scoring of your forms. You can set minimum and maximum scores for each question.

The default max and min score range is 0 to 10. However, you can change this range to any other value you want.

You can also add text that will be displayed to the user for the maximum message and minimum message.

Single-choice field

For questions such as "How do you feel like you receive bonuses, commissions, or other forms of incentive pay fairly?" or " How does your compensation compare to what you believe you deserve for your experience and skills in the current market?", you can use the 'Single-Choice' field.

This functionality presents respondents with a range of options, facilitating to choice of preferred benefits.

CSAT field

Measure satisfaction with a user-friendly scale.

The CSAT field allows respondents to express nuanced satisfaction levels, offering valuable feedback on the perceived effectiveness of the compensation strategy in supporting the organization's goals.

Long text field

The "Long Text" field is designed for questions that invite detailed responses, such as "What are the most important factors you consider when evaluating your compensation package?"

or " What are your biggest concerns or frustrations with your current compensation?"

This field type allows respondents to provide extensive and open-ended feedback, offering valuable insights into specific thoughts, suggestions, or concerns.

Step 2: Customize and design your compensation survey questionnaire

Navigate the right-side menu to change color and overall layout. There are different options on the settings tab.

Add your logo, Change the background, and customize the submit button color.

customize survey

Write a short description on the first page of your compensation survey to Increase participation and set clear expectations for the survey.

Step 3: Publish and share your compensation survey questions

After finalizing your survey's content and design, publish your compensation satisfaction survey questionnaire to go live.

Formaloo provides diverse sharing options to embed into your website or send the direct link. Choose the one that best fits your audience and share away.

Step 4: Set up email notifications to receive new responses

Enable "Notify Respondents" to receive an email for new survey responses.

You can also forward a copy of each response to your team members from the "Forward submit Email to" section.

You can also add an "Email field" to your form, enable "Send submitted data to the submitter" and send the result for each user after submission.

Step 5: Create a portal and share your survey results

Use Formaloo's portal to easily share compensation questionnaire results. It's great for clarity and promotes a collaborative work environment.

It's a simple way to keep everyone in the loop and encourage collaboration among employees.

⭐ Pro tip:

Limit one entry with IP: Enable this feature to restrict users from submitting more than one entry per IP address. This helps prevent duplicate entries or spam submissions from the same IP address, ensuring that the data collected is accurate and reliable. Learn more about how to prevent duplicate submissions.

🧩 Template:

Businesses or organizations can use an employee of the month voting form to allow staff employees to vote for coworkers who have excelled in performance or made noteworthy contributions to the company.

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