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How to create an employee satisfaction survey
How to create an employee satisfaction survey

Step-by-step guide on creating an employee satisfaction survey to create a happier, more productive workplace

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Employee satisfaction surveys are essential for organizations to understand and improve employee well-being, identify areas for enhancement, and foster a positive work environment, ultimately contributing to organizational success.​

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on creating an effective, engaging, and informative survey to understand your employee satisfaction levels better.

🧩 Template:
Employee satisfaction survey acts like a workplace compass, providing valuable insights into the employees' experiences. It helps the management navigate toward smoother waters by addressing concerns, celebrating successes, and fostering a happier and more engaged team.

Step 1: Create a survey from scratch

To create your survey from scratch, first, you need to go to the dashboard, Click on “New Formaloo”.

There, you have options to create your survey and forms.

Choose 'Form' or 'Survey', whether you want to create a form or a survey. FormLoo offers various options for creating different types of forms.

If you choose to create a survey, Formaloo will automatically generate a default survey with a results page and charts. You can customize this survey later.

Once the form or survey is created, you can click on 'Edit base' to open the default template.

Here, you can edit the questions, add new ones, or customize the design according to your preferences.

By clicking on "+ add field" you get to choose our variety of question types. Here's the list of question types you can use to make your survey diverse and more engaging:

Single/Multi-choice field

Both provide clear options, simplifying response and analysis. Single-choice is straightforward, while multi-choice captures diverse preferences.

Score 0-10 field

You can define the meaning of minimum/ maximum score, by adding a text in the "Minimum/Maximum Message" fields.

Yes/No Field

Yes/no questions offer a straightforward binary choice for respondents, providing easy and concise survey responses.

Here are some question ideas:

- Do you feel you are treated with respect by your manager and colleagues?

- Do you feel you have the opportunity to grow and develop in your current role?

- Do you feel you are compensated fairly for your work?

CSAT field

Feel free to change the icons on this field. CSAT field can help build trust and credibility with your audience.

Like/Dislike field

Using like/dislike questions is a simple way to get clear answers and makes it easy for both the people taking the survey and those analyzing the results.

Long text field

This field lets people share their thoughts freely in their own words.

Here are some question ideas:

-What is your most positive experience at work in the past year?

- What is one thing that your manager or team could do to make your work experience more enjoyable?

- What is one thing you would like to see change at our company to improve overall employee satisfaction?

Dropdown field

Dropdown questions offer a list of choices for respondents to pick from, providing a structured and easy-to-analyze format.

You can always preview your form by clicking on the "view" icon located in the upper right corner. You can also adjust the survey design by clicking on the icon next to the "view" icon.

You can choose the form to be "Classic form" (Questions displayed on one page) or "One question at a time" (Questions displayed on different pages ).

Step 2: Customize design and colors

You can personalize the survey and choose color schemes that align with your brand identity or preferences. Start by clicking on the button new to "View" in the upper right corner, then on "DESIGN".

That's where you can find options to change text color, background color, button color, and so on. Just click on the arrow pointing down (next to the water drop symbol) and choose your preferred colors. Or you can choose from our default themes.

🧩 Template:
Companies, NGOs government agencies, and big corporations use employee engagement surveys to understand what their employees want and think.

This survey helps you understand how much employees like their work, find ways to make things better, and the overall culture of the organization.

Step 3: Publish and share your survey

That's it! Now you can start using your survey or proceed to our suggested step. Just share the link to the survey to get responses.

Step 4: Create a portal and share the employee engagement survey results

You can easily share survey results with users through a portal. Add a result page to your app and use various result views to show users. You also have the option to share submitted data only with those who submitted it. To enable this feature in your app, simply add a "user field" to your employee engagement survey template and turn on "portal mode".

Benefits of using Formaloo

It is important to stay informed while getting survey responses. That's why we've added an option to send an alert whenever a survey is submitted. By turning on "Notify Respondents", you can add the email where you'd like to be notified by writing it in the field "Send Email to". If you want your other team members to be notified with you, you can add their email to "Forward submit Email to".

In addition to this, you can access and analyze responses in real time. This allows you to make alterations as soon as you have new responses. To make it more convenient, you can just right-click on the form to view responses instantly.

You also have an option to embed your form on your website. You can use the iframe, script, widget, or chatbot options.

📣 Pro tip:

Check out our guide on how to create your first app.

⭐️ With Formaloo apps you can combine forms, links, charts, tables, and other views in various ways. This lets you bring all your data tables together in one app.

🌟 We're excited to see your creative forms. Start today!

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