How to create an employee well-being survey

Guide to crafting employee well-being surveys for a healthier workplace.

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Taking care of employees' well-being is essential for a happy and productive workplace. It's not just about work performance; it's about looking after their overall health and happiness.

​There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how often you should conduct these surveys. It's important to decide what works best for your company.

One of the best ways to do this is to have employees fill out an employee well-being survey.

This lets them talk about how they're doing and what they need, which helps employers understand and support them better.

🧩 Template:
Staying on track with your employee's satisfaction levels is important for any HR professional or employer. After all, it's common knowledge that happy employees lead to successful companies.

Companies usually use employee satisfaction survey to get efficient answers and results.

In this guide, we will go through the simple steps to create a self-assessment form for employees. We will cover everything from asking the right questions to creating it with Formaloo.

Let's begin!

Step 1: Start from scratch

To start, go to your dashboard, choose "+ New Formaloo", then "New form".

After this, you will see a blank form that can be customized from start to finish!

Step 2: Add questions and other content

To add content to your survey, you need to click on "+ add field" - this will open up all the features you can use, including signatures, date & time fields, locations, and a variety of question types.

Here's the variety of questions you can use and why you should add them:

Single/Multi-choice field

Pick this for simple questions with set answer choices, making responses easy to analyze and compare.

Long text field

Asking open-ended questions allows survey-takers to provide detailed and personalized responses. For that, you can use the "long text" field.

💡 Here are some question ideas:

  • How do you feel about your physical and mental well-being at work?

  • What affects your work-life balance?

  • Any ideas to improve well-being at work?

  • How supported do you feel in handling work stress?

Score 0-10 field

This field is handy when you need to rate things with numbers, such as how satisfied you are or how well someone is performing. It helps give a definite way to judge or assess something.

You can customize the maximum score according to questions and define maximum/minimum message notes.

💡 Here are some question ideas:

  • How would you rate your overall work-life balance?

  • How comfortable do you feel talking to your manager or HR about your stress?

  • How satisfied are you with the flexibility of your work schedule?

  • How often do you feel overwhelmed by your workload?

Yes/No Field

Quickly gather specific insights with simple yes or no answers.

CSAT field

This measures satisfaction in a user-friendly way. You can use preferred emojis for a better display.

Like/Dislike field

Choose this question type to collect feedback efficiently without requiring detailed explanations, allowing respondents to express their preferences effortlessly.

Dropdown field

This is useful when you want respondents to choose from a predefined set list, promoting consistency and providing an organized way for respondents to select their preferred options.

Step 3: Adjust design & colors

Customizing the survey layout to match the organization's brand, including logos and colors, is essential for maintaining a cohesive and polished appearance.

This tailored approach creates trust and a feeling of connection among participants, ensuring the survey reflects the organization's identity.

Step 4: Publish and share your employee well-being survey

If you've reached this step, you can start to share it and get responses. You can share the link to the survey to get responses.

We made it extra easy for you to share survey results/submission notifications with your team members. Enabling you to enhance communication speed.

You can choose your preferred level of access, whether it's limited to viewing only, full access to responses with editing capabilities for apps and forms, or complete ownership, granting you control over sharing permissions.

📣 Pro tip:

To easily see and review your results, create your Formaloo app. You will be able to showcase your data in various ways. Whether it's in a table, chart, or kanban, Formaloo makes it easy to visualize your results.

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