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Collaborate with people
Collaborate with people

Access management, Access levels, share the workspace with others, Read-only, Full access to responses + Edit & delete apps & forms and more

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Formaloo has several features designed to improve and increase the velocity of communication with your team — whether you're all editing the same page or working across time zones 🤝

Start inviting your team members to your workspace from the workspace members page.

Send them the invitation link or enter their email address to send an invitation email to them.

When you invite your team members to the workspace, they will only access any folder or formaloo if you share access with them.

Manage access to a formaloo

To manage the accessibility of a formaloo, right-click it and select the Access Management option.

Insert their email address, choose their access level, and then save.

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🗄️ Old dashboard:

You can share edit access only with your workspace team members.

Manage access to a folder

To manage access to a folder, right-click it and then select the Access Management option. After that, you can insert the email addresses and access levels.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

Access levels & their meaning

As you’ve seen, there are different levels of access you can give to each of your team members. Let’s see what they mean.

  • Read-only: The person with this access can only view the form and the responses and charts on it. They can’t edit the responses, though.

  • Read & Edit Responses (rows): This level goes one level further and enables the user to edit/delete the responses too.

  • Full access to responses + Edit apps & forms: Again, this level has one higher access level enabling the user to edit the logic and calculator of the form.

  • Full access to responses + Edit & delete apps & forms: People with this access not only have all the above access levels, but they also can delete forms.

  • Full Ownership: This access level includes full ownership accessibilities. Team members with this access can do all the above + move forms. Only owners can move and delete folders.

When you share a folder with specific people, they will have the same access level on the formaloos inside it.

This is unless you change their access level on those formaloos later.

In other words, the access level of formaloos can override the access level of their containing folder.

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