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How to add your logo in email templates
How to add your logo in email templates

Customize email template: Add logo in template creation. Connect custom template to form in the Notifications tab.

Updated over a week ago

When you create a new email template, you can customize it and add your logo to that template. For this, click on + Insert and choose Image. You can choose to put the image anywhere in the email.

Add logo to email template

🌟 Note! Don't forget to save and connect this custom template to your form. This way, the email notification, and results will sent to this edited template with your logo.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

From your profile settings select the email templates:

Then select Create Template:

Here you can add your logo in the email content, and also you can customize other parts of this email.

Then, you should assign this custom email template to your form: you can choose which email template to use for notifying your team or the form submitters by setting it in the Notifications tab of your formaloo editor.

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