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Enable login/signup for your app (portal mode)
Enable login/signup for your app (portal mode)
Updated over a week ago

Have you created your app and now want to enable the portal mode to add login/signup for it? Start with enabling your app's public view from the App Settings.

Then enable the portal mode from the same pop-up and save changes. This creates a Users page on the left sidebar.

Create and customize the users’ table in your portal

Now it’s time to create your users’ table. Go to the Users page and click the New table. If you have already created User tables before, they will be visible here, and you can choose them instead of creating a new one.

If you choose an existing Users table, that table’s users can log in to your app with the same login credentials. This enables you to add the same login and signup table to more than one no-code app and create a simple single-sign-on (SSO) table for your portal.

To edit the Users table, you can edit its formaloo from your Formaloo dashboard or go to the Users page of your app and click the “Edit Form” button above the table.

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