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How to manage data access for each portal user
How to manage data access for each portal user

When you add a user field to your form, and connect it to your portal, each user can see their own submitted data when they submit the form.

Updated over a week ago

If you enable the portal mode, there is an option to let the users see their submitted data when they log into their portal.

Here, we will explain the step-by-step guide;

1. Create your app to manage your portal access and users

To use this feature, first, you need to create an app. Go to the dashboard and click on "New Formaloo".

There, you have options to create your survey and forms. Select Form or Survey and

in the open page, edit the menu and pages inside the app.

Now, add your pages and menus from the left side.

2. Enable portal mode

To incorporate login and sign-up features, activate "Portal Mode" within your app.

Enabling portal mode allows you to establish a user table, a crucial step for subsequent association with your forms.

Effortlessly link user input to your app's database by assigning this user table to your forms later on.

2.1. Create a user data table

When you enable the user portal mode, the "User Portal" button will appear on the top of the page.

Click on the "New Table" and you can see two options to add a user table:

  • Create a new table: Click on +New row and insert the users' data manually

user data

Also, you can upload/import your users' data; Click on +Import data and upload the users' data.

There is also a template to create the file. Download it, and fill out the downloaded file with your data. Then upload it to your portal.

import users data

  • Connect to your Bases: If you currently have your users' data available, select it from the search bar and connect it to your portal.

connect to base

3. Create the form that you want to share with the users

You can send the direct URL or embed it into your website.

Adding the "User field" in this form, allows you to assign the submitted data to their submitters to be shown on their portal;

  1. Open your dashboard and create a new form.

  2. Add any field you want and customize them.

  3. Add a user field to your form.

  4. Assign the users’ data to the user table on your portal from the right-side menu.

4. Add the result page to your portal to see the submitted data

Go back to your "Pages" and add a "Result Page" to your app. This is where users will see their submitted data.

You can use different views for the results (table view, kanban view, gallery view, and charts)

5. Add the user field to the result page's filters to assign each user to their submitted data

For the result table, add the user field to your filters.

This way, each user can see only their own submitted data after login to your portal.

6. Manage access for the logged-in users

You can manage access for the users for each page in your portal.

If you want to allow new users to sign up to your portal, you can enable "Allow new users to sign up" from the user portal settings.

Now, If you submit the form and go to the result page, you can see the submitted data right away.

Open the public URL, login/sign up to the portal, and fill out the form. Your submitted data is available on your result page after submission.

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