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How to create a portal and manage user access
How to create a portal and manage user access

You can add users table and manage access to your pages on your portal. Add user field so each user can see their own submitted data.

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This tutorial will guide you through creating a portal and managing user access in your Formaloo app's portal mode.

1. Enable portal mode and add users

  • Create an app: Build your app in Formaloo and ensure it's complete.

  • Enable portal mode: Navigate to the 'settings' in your app. Click 'Enable user portal mode' to activate user management features.

  • Add users: Choose your method of adding users:

    • Manually: Click "New table" and enter their details like email and name.

    • Import users: Upload a file containing user data (ensure it includes email and necessary fields).

2. Set user access levels

Now, on each page, you have options to manage the access.

With users added, you can control their access to your portal:

  • Public: Anyone can access the portal without logging in.

  • Non-Logged-in users: Users see specific pages without needing to log in.

  • Logged-in users: Users must log in with their credentials to access the portal.

  • Specific user access levels: Assign users individual roles with varying access permissions.

  • All team members: Grant access to all members of your Formaloo team.

  • Specific team access levels: Define access levels for specific team members.

⭐ Pro tip:

Enable user Sign-up: In 'Settings' of user portal, choose "Allow new users to sign up" to allow self-registration for your portal.

By utilizing these options, you can effectively manage user access levels and create a secure and controlled environment within your Formaloo app's portal.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider using specific user roles for granular control over user permissions.

  • Enabling user sign-up allows for self-registration, but remember to manage new user approvals if necessary.

⭐ Pro tip:

When you add a user field to your form, and connect it to your portal, each user can see their own submitted data when they submit the form.

learn more about it here:

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