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How to create a membership portal
How to create a membership portal

Create a membership portal with step-by-step guide to building, customizing, and sharing.

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This guide will walk you through the steps to create a school management portal, serving as an example of how you can utilize Formaloo's features to build a membership portal.

Step 1: Develop your membership portal

Once you’re on your dashboard, you can either choose from over 200 pre-made templates or create a new form or app from scratch.

For this guide, we will use the School Management System template. This template is designed to collect and store students' data, organize it in tables, and track their grades and attendance. Here’s how to customize it:

Edit the app

Modify the template to suit your needs by adding more pages and menus. You can include tables and charts to visualize the collected data.

The Kanban board feature is particularly useful for tracking student enrollments by moving cards through different stages.

Customize the design

Make the app reflect your brand by adding logos, changing colors, and setting up a custom domain.

Add pages and menus

Click on "+Add new" at the top of the editor to add new pages or menus to the left-hand menu.


Additionally, you can insert quizzes, share them with students, and obtain real-time reports on their performance.

These reports are only visible to admins, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential.

Step 2: Convert your app into a membership portal

Turning your school management app into a membership-only portal is simple:

enable portal mode

Enable portal mode

Navigate to "Settings" and activate the "User Portal Mode".

Once portal mode is enabled, a "User Portal" option will be added to your app settings.

Public access

If you want your portal to be accessible to a wider audience, enable the "Public View" option. This will allow non-team members to access your portal.

enable public view

Step 3: User management

Manage your users effectively by creating a user table:

Create or select a user table

On the "Users" page, click "New Table" to create a new user table or select an existing one. This table will store user credentials and manage access.

Configure user portal settings

Go to "User Portal" settings and enable options such as "Captcha," "Allow users to login via OTP," and "Allow new users to sign up."

user portal settings

Users may get your app and access the pages they have access to when you give them the public link.

You can also manually add people by accessing the app from your dashboard and clicking the “New row” button above the table of your users on the people page.

Edit user table, add roles

Customize the user table by clicking the "Edit Base" button on the "User Portal" page.

Add roles like "Teacher" and "Student" to your user portal form.

add roles

Set access levels

Then, assign specific access permissions to different pages based on these roles.

access levels

Step 4: Share your membership portal

To share your app with users:

Click the "Share" button in your editor and copy the generated link to distribute your app.

share portal

By following these steps, you can efficiently create and manage a membership portal using Formaloo. Customize it to your specific needs, control user access, and share it seamlessly with your intended audience.

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