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How to create a course app in the new dashboard
How to create a course app in the new dashboard

Here, we will walk you through creating a course app (learning portal) using the powerful features (user field and my data).

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A course app is a dynamic platform designed to deliver educational content organizationally. It allows you to structure lessons, quizzes, and learning materials, providing a tailored experience for your audience.

With this app, you can:

  • Personalized learning: Tailor content to the specific needs and pace of individual learners.

  • Create interactive quizzes: Engage your audience with quizzes and assessments for a more immersive learning experience.

  • Create user portals: This allows users to track their progress, view their submitted data, and access personalized results using the powerful "User Field" and "My Data" features.

Step-by-step guide:

1- Create an app

In the new dashboard, you can make your app from scratch by clicking the “New Formaloo”.

There, you have options to create your survey and forms.

Choose 'Form' or 'Survey', whether you want to create a form or a survey. FormLoo offers various options for creating different types of forms.

If you choose to create a survey, FormLoo will automatically generate a default survey with a results page and charts. You can customize these pages later.

For the course app, you can create different menus for each course. Or create different pages for each course in one menu.

add pages

2- Add content and text

Add your content. You can add text, and links, and customize size and color.

3- Enable portal mode

To add login and sign-up functionality, enable "Portal Mode" on your app.

When you enable portal mode, you can create a user table to assign it to your forms later.

Assign this user table to your forms later, seamlessly connecting user input with your app's database.

You also can connect your portal to your users' bases from your dashboard.

4- Create your form(s)

Now, let's create forms and quizzes for your app.

Add a user field to these forms. This way, users can view their submitted data on their portal after login.

To make it seamless, assign the user field to the app users' table (which you are using on your portal) from the right menu.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

5- insert form(s) into your app

Take the forms you've created and insert them into your app. You can embed this form into your website, or send the public URL directly to the users.

Here, we created a quiz for each lesson in our example.

6- Add result page(s)

Navigate to "Pages" and add a "Result Page" to your app. This is where users will see their submitted data and quiz results.

You can use different views for the results:

  • Table view

  • Kanban view

  • Gallery view

  • Charts

7- Add the user field to the result page(s)

In each result table, add the user field to your filters.

This way, each user can see only their own submitted data after login to your portal.

You can add more filters to make your data more organized and user-specific.

8- Manage access to the pages

In the "Access" menu, manage access for different pages, setting access for content and result pages.

Now, it's time to test your app. Log in, submit one of the forms, and see your submitted data instantly reflected on the "Result Page". Your app is now ready to share!

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