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Create customizable apps with Formaloo: organize data from results, charts & tables. Easily connect data in one app.

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With Formaloo apps, you can mix and match forms, links, charts, tables, and many more view types. This allows you to connect your data tables in a single app.

To create an app, click your formaloo. It automatically creates an app for you.

By default, your app has one menu and two pages.

To edit your app, click the Edit App option on the sidebar. In the app's edit mode, you can add more menus and pages to your app.

Click + Add Page to add a new page to your menu. In the opened pop-up, you will see three options:

  • Custom link: This option lets you add a link to your menu. It can be a link to your website and, by default, opens the link in a new tab.

  • Sub-menu: This option adds a sub-menu to your menu. A sub-menu can have multiple pages inside.

  • Block: This option lets you add a new view of your data. By selecting this option, your pop-up changes to allow you to design and customize your page further. You can just read the next section to see how to add a data block page to your app.

Add a data block page to your app

To add a new page containing your data, click the + Add Page option on your menu and select Block.

Here, first, insert the title of the page. For example, set it as "new page".

Next, you should select a formaloo. This is the formaloo which you want to display its data.

Then choose whether you want to display the formaloo's form view or the data inside the selected formaloo.

If you select the Show data option, on the next step, you can choose the view type to show the data. For example, you can show the data in a Table view. Or show its charts or advanced charts. Or show it on a board (Kanban or Gallery).

The Kanban and Gallery view is more advanced since you must specify which fields you want to show on the board's cards and which field you want your Kanban to be grouped by.

Read the articles in this collection to learn more about building apps and the data blocks.

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