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How to create a benefit satisfaction survey
How to create a benefit satisfaction survey

HR tool for understanding how your team values their benefits. Highlights areas for improvement, enhancing employee well-being and loyalty.

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A benefit satisfaction survey is a crucial tool for HR teams, employers, and organizational leaders. It helps to gather direct opinions and satisfaction levels from employees regarding the benefits package offered.

Using this survey aids in gaining insights into the most valued benefits, pinpointing areas for enhancement, and understanding its impact on employee morale and retention.

This survey can have numerous positive impacts, such as tailoring benefits to meet employee needs, enhancing job satisfaction, and maintaining a competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through how to create your benefit satisfaction survey easily.

Follow these 5 steps;

Step 1: Create a formaloo

Click on "Blank Formaloo" and select "Blank Form." This action will direct you to the form editor page, where you can begin creating your benefit satisfaction form.

First, upload your logo and a cover image to showcase your brand identity. Then, proceed by clicking on "Add Fields" to incorporate essential fields into your form.

For a benefit satisfaction survey, it is crucial to include the following fields:

CSAT (customer satisfaction score)

CSAT is one of the key fields for understanding your employees' sentiments and experiences regarding the benefit package they receive.

Its user-friendly design enables employees to effortlessly answer questions and express their feelings.

Note that scores of 1 to 3 indicate unsatisfied employees, whereas scores of 4 and 5 indicate satisfied.

Content field

Use the 'content field' to clarify the purpose behind each question for your employees. Provide them with a concise description of why they are answering a particular section of the survey and what its effects are.

For instance, when addressing "Health Insurance Benefits," offer a brief explanation of why this information is being requested and how it can be beneficial. This approach will enhance employee engagement with the survey.

Score field

Use this field for number ratings, such as satisfaction or performance levels. It provides a straightforward way to measure responses.

You can set the maximum score based on the question's needs. Also, you have the option to add a custom message for minimum or maximum scores.

Multiple-choice Field

Using this field is essential because it makes it easy for employees to answer. They can just choose from the options provided, which is quick and makes deciding simpler.

It also helps keep answers uniform, so analyzing the data and seeing patterns is easier.

Long Text Fields

These fields let people write detailed answers, more than just yes or no. They're good for understanding complex ideas or getting suggestions, as people can explain their thoughts in their own words.

Step 2: Adjust design & colors

Design your survey with simple steps

Go to 'Settings' in Formaloo and click the 'Design' tab. Here, you can pick how you want your form to look - all questions together ('Classic Form') or one at a time.

Pick a background

Choose a nice background to make your survey look good and welcoming.

Add colors

Use different colors to make your survey pop and match your company's style.

This easy design setup helps make your survey both useful and good-looking, fitting well with your company's look.

Step 3: Get email updates for your survey

Get emails whenever there's a new answer to your survey. You can also send these responses to other people like a department, client, or manager.

This way, you always know what's happening with your survey.

Here's how to set it up:

Step 4: Add tables and charts


Put all your survey answers in a table. It's easy to see and compare what everyone said. You can also use filters and sorting to find patterns quickly. This gives you a clear view of all the feedback.

After finishing your survey:

  1. Click 'App Editor' to go to the editing part.

  2. Click 'Add New,' choose 'Page,' and name it something like "Table of Results."

  3. Use the add button or type "/" to add a table.

  4. Pick your survey from the list and connect it to the table.

now you can filter, sort, and adjust settings to better understand your results and spot patterns.


Turn answers into easy pictures like graphs, bar charts, and pie charts. It shows trends and key points quickly. Charts help you see what's most common and how people feel, making it easy to understand your survey info.

How to do it:

  1. Head to 'App Editor' to go to the editing part

  2. Click 'Add New,' choose 'Page,' and name it something like "Charts & insights"

  3. Use the add button or type "/" to add the chart section.

  4. Pick your survey from the list and connect it to the chart.

Step 5: Share your results

Now that you're here, it's time to spread the word and collect responses. Simply share the survey link with others.

Formaloo makes it easy to collaborate with your team. You can decide who gets what access – read-only, full access to responses with app and form editing, or complete ownership. It's all up to you!

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