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How to create an employee performance evaluation survey
How to create an employee performance evaluation survey

Build an efficient employee performance evaluation survey with our guide. Learn which fields to use that align the best with your HR goals.

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Employee performance evaluation surveys will help you understand how adequately your employees are performing up to the standards and expectations, and how well a person is doing their duties and responsibilities.

We will guide you on how to build a survey that accurately measures employee performance, aligns with your organizational goals, and encourages a culture of continuous improvement and professional development. Tailored for HR professionals, team leaders, and managers, who are looking to refine their existing evaluation processes.

🧩 Template:

HR managers use Employee performance evaluation to measure how well employees are fulfilling responsibilities and meeting set goals. It identifies where employees excel and areas that need improvement.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on creating an employee onboarding survey:

Step 1: Create a survey from scratch

Go to the dashboard, click on "+ Blank Formaloo" and choose "Blank form".

Set your form title and description concisely. To add a visual touch, simply click 'Upload a Cover Picture' and select your preferred image.

Step 2: Simple steps to add fields

Just click '+ Add Field' for endless options! Easy access to all questions, choose the one that matches your strategy:

Score 0-10 field: it gets specific and brings clarity to feedback! Set Min/Max messages for precise score definitions.

Dropdown: Enhances user experience for quick and easy picks! Use this field for effortless option selection.

The CSAT field: Measures satisfaction, and provides direct customer feedback! It uncovers true user sentiments and creates trust. Choose any different icons based on your preferences.

CSAT field

Long Text: Expands insights for in-depth responses! perfect for eliciting detailed, thoughtful feedback. gives respondents the space to express their views fully and freely.

Single/Multi-choice: Quick decisions for efficient responses, offering straightforward, clear options. Ideal for quick, decisive answers, making data collection and analysis more efficient and user-friendly.

single choice field

⭐ Pro tip:

Use the admin-only field to write your notes and evaluation without sharing it with the other users. Prevent showing it on the form to the users who are filling the form.

Admin only field

Step 3: Customize design, colors, and visions

Adopt your style

Select your form style: opt for "Multi Item" to display questions on separate pages, or "Single Item" to show all questions on one page for streamlined viewing.

Design dynamics and personalize your palette

Personalize your survey with brand-aligned color schemes. Simply click the ‘Setting’ icon next to 'View' in the top right, Choose the 'Design' Tab, and explore options to tweak text, background, and button colors.

Select from the color palette or our default themes for a custom look.

Step 4: Launch and engage, share your survey now

Your survey is ready to go live! Easily share the survey link to start gathering responses, or move on to our next recommended step. Let the insights roll in!

Embed your form seamlessly on your website using iframe, script, widget, or chatbot options. Follow this guide to integrate your survey effortlessly

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