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How to create diversity and inclusion in the workplace survey
How to create diversity and inclusion in the workplace survey

A step-by-step guide on creating a survey to better understand and enhance diversity and inclusion levels in the workplace

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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace surveys are vital for organizations to assess the effectiveness of their diversity initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and ensure an inclusive workplace culture.

These surveys help gather insights on employees' experiences, perceptions, and suggestions, enabling organizations to create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments that promote employee well-being and productivity.

In this article, we will explain how to create a diversity and inclusion workplace survey, how to customize it, and the benefits of using it.

🧩 Template:

Organizations also use the Coworker evaluation survey to understand how well employees work with their colleagues. It helps look at things like teamwork and how people get along with others. It also encourages teamwork and a positive work environment.

Step 1: Start assembling the survey

To create your survey from scratch, go to the dashboard, and choose "+ New Formaloo", then you have options to create your survey and forms.

Choose 'Form' or 'Survey', whether you want to create a form or a survey. FormLoo offers various options for creating different types of forms.

If you choose to create a survey, FormLoo will automatically generate a default survey with a results page and charts. You can customize this survey later.

Once the form or survey is created, you can click on 'Edit base' to open the default template.

Here, you can edit the questions, add new ones, or customize the design according to your preferences.

This is where the fun begins! 💫

By clicking on the "+ Add field" you access all our features, including an array of question types to make your survey more engaging and informative.

Each question can be customized to your liking.

Single/Multi-choice field

Use this for straightforward questions with predefined answer options. It simplifies responses, making it easy to analyze and compare.

Score 0-10 field

This can be used when you want numerical ratings for things like satisfaction or performance. It provides a clear measure for evaluation and benchmarking.

Yes/No Field

Quick and easy question, offering a straightforward way to gather specific insights.

CSAT field

This field provides a measurement of satisfaction in a user-friendly way. You can choose our face emojis for a better display.

Like/Dislike field

Question type for gathering insight without the need for detailed explanation.

Long text field

Use this to get detailed and personalized responses from survey-takers.

Dropdown field

This is handy when you need respondents to choose from a set list of options. It ensures consistency and offers an organized way for respondents to make selections.

Step 2: Personalize your survey

Tailoring the survey design to match the organization's brand, including logos and colors, is essential for maintaining a consistent and professional image.

This personalized approach fosters trust and familiarity among respondents, making the survey feel more aligned with the organization's identity.

Formaloo allows us to fully customize the survey according to your preferences and brand image.

🌟 Pro tip:

🖌️ Aside from changing the colors, you can also change fonts, background images, shuffle question order, and other design features that will make your survey completely customizable and tailored to your organization's unique style and preferences.

Step 3: Publish the survey

Now that you've created the survey from blank, it's time to share it and get responses. Just share the link to the survey to get responses.

Benefits of using Formaloo:

Formaloo allows you to share your workplace with team members to improve and increase the pace at which you communicate. There are different levels of access to be shared which can be decided by you, whether it's just read-only, full access to responses + edit apps & forms, or full ownership.

💡 Pro tip:

📣 Get a notification as soon as someone submits the survey.

After clicking on the "Notify" tab, click "Notify Respondents". This allows you to stay informed about getting responses.

📩 Write your email in the field - "Send Email to".

If you want other team members to be informed too, put their email in the following field - "Forward submit Email to".

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