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How to apply OTP verification in the form
How to apply OTP verification in the form

OTP (One-Time Password) verification is an effective way to protect your forms from unauthorized submissions.

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This process verifies the identity of respondents by sending them a unique verification code to their phone or email.

This code acts as an additional layer of security, ensuring that only genuine users can submit the form.

Open your form editor and add an "Email verification" field to your form.

email verification

When the user fills out this field, they will receive a code in their email and should verify it in the form to continue the form.

email verification

This feature helps verify your users' email addresses during the form submission process.

If you make this field “Required”, you can restrict form submission to verifying the email address before submitting.

🧩 Template:

This OTP login form is a template for your app or website's login page. It ensures that only your registered users can proceed to the form/app/website that follows.

Customize the template by adding your email address to the approved list, then give it a test run!

Check out this tutorial for more information:

This feature is especially useful for businesses that rely on email for communication or marketing, as it helps to ensure that the email addresses collected are accurate and valid.

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