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How to redirect my users to different pages (URLs)
How to redirect my users to different pages (URLs)

Send users to specific URLs after form submission. Constant redirection for a single destination, conditional redirection by using logic.

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You can set up a constant redirection or conditional redirection on your forms.

Constant redirection

In the form editor, from 'Settings', you can paste the link in the 'Redirect URL' box.

This way, all your form users will be automatically redirected to that URL after submitting the form.

Conditional redirection

Conditional redirection can be established through the 'Logic' tab.

This feature allows you to direct users to different URLs based on certain criteria, such as their score.

In the advanced logic section, there's a condition called "After submit, go to link."

For instance, you can set a condition like this: If the user's score is less than 10, they will be redirected to URL1 after submitting the form.

⭐ Pro tip:

The redirection always works after the form is submitted. The user has to submit the form to be redirected to the URL you set up.

🗄️ Old dashboard:

Constant redirection in the old dashboard

On your form editor, go to the "Settings" tab. Then, you can paste the link you want your users to get redirected to in the "Redirect URL" box.

Conditional redirection

You can set up conditional redirection in the "Logic and Calculator" tab.

You can use it if you want to redirect each user to a different URL depending on their Score, for example.

On the advanced logic, there is a condition called "After submit, go to link".

For instance, the logic condition will be as the following:

If the "Score" is less than 10, then "after submit, go to link" URL1.

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