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How to create a form
How to create a form

Drag and drop to create a form, and customize and design forms easily. multi-step and single-step forms

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The good news is if you have followed the steps in the previous article, you have already created a form. All formaloos have a form attached to them.

Change how your form looks

To view a formaloo's form from your dashboard, right-click on it and select View.

Now, let's change your form's look. Edit your formaloo by right-clicking it on the dashboard and selecting Edit.

Then click the Design tab at the top of the page. It opens all design settings for your formaloo form.

Multi-step and single-step forms

By default, your form will be single-step. Which means it shows all questions on the same page.

You can switch your form to multi-step by clicking the Multi-step option on the Design tab.

You can also create a pagination on your form by selecting the single-step choice and then using the Page break field in between your questions to create a new page.

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