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How to set the number of decimal places
How to set the number of decimal places

Set the max decimal places in a number field by accessing 'Field settings' and entering your desired limit in the provided box.

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To set the number of decimal places, navigate to the form where you want to add or edit the number field. You can either create a new form or open an existing one.

Add a "Number" field

  • In the form builder, locate the "Add Field" option.

  • Select "Number" from the list of available field types.

Access field settings

  • Click on the number field that you just added to your form.

  • On the right-hand side, you will see the "Field settings" panel.

Set the Max number of decimal places

  • In the "Field settings" panel, look for the "Max number of decimal places" box.

  • Enter the desired maximum number of decimal places you want to allow for this field. For example, if you enter '2', the number field will allow values like 12.34 or 56.78, but not 12.345.

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