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How to set a fixed payment amount on your form
How to set a fixed payment amount on your form

Enable "Form with payment" and set a fixed amount in settings. Easy way to collect payments.

Updated over a week ago

Navigate to your Formaloo account and access the settings tab of your form.

Within this tab, locate and activate the "Form with payment" option.

⭐ Pro tip:

To create a new payment method, click on the profile icon at the top menu of your dashboard. Then select “Payment methods.

Select the payment method you previously set up and specify the fixed payment amount.

fixed payment amount

Your form is now equipped with a fixed payment feature.

🧩 Template:

Fixed amount donation form is a pre-designed form that simplifies the process of collecting donations with fixed amounts.

With this template, non-profit organizations and other fundraising groups can easily manage and track donor information such as contact details, donation amounts, and donation preferences.

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