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Logic on single-step forms with page breaks
Logic on single-step forms with page breaks

For logic in single-step forms with page breaks, use info from the current page only. This prevents blank pages and keeps user flow smooth.

Updated over a week ago

When designing your form, it's important to arrange the questions in such a way that any logical conditions you set up for the form are based on information available on the same page.

This means that if you use a condition to move from one page to another, your form might display a blank page.

To ensure your logic works correctly, make sure that any conditions or rules you apply should relate to the fields and questions that appear on the same page before a page break occurs.

In other words, before the user advances to the next page of the form, all the information needed to determine the logical conditions should be collected on the current page.

This way, users won't encounter blank pages or confusing transitions in your form.

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